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About us

We are KoniaTree, a leading brand when it comes to wooden handmade gifts. We are proud to pioneer this trend in the market.

KoniaTree started out as a small team to create 100% handmade wooden watch and phone cases. Our headquarter is in Hanoi, Vietnam.

We put our heart into each design, therefore, each product is special and unique with natural texture from wood. Maybe you are looking for a meaningful gift for your special someone for birthdays or anniversaries … In addition to providing unique, well-designed and 100% natural products, we also engrave meaningful messages as you request. We aim to provide the best personal experiences for you and your loved one with every product you buy.

Wooden watches are crafted from bamboo and natural precious woods. Phone cases are made of wood and resin. We provide a variety of products with different designs and colors that are based on feng shui, bringing fortune and luck to the owner.

– Each product is designed in harmony with natural and unique wood grain.

The KoniaTree team is growing day by day, our goal is to change your mindset about fashion by providing the finest and minimalist wood products.

Handcrafted Wooden Watches

Handcrafted Wooden and Epoxy Resin Phone Cases

Free shipping worldwide with order over $100
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What Do Customers Say About KoniaTree?

I received my new G9 case a few days ago and am so happy I ordered it. The mixture of burl wood and green sparkly resin is very pretty. The case fits perfectly, too, plus the rubber edging helps you keep a grip on the phone. Thank you!
Linh Le - Giáo Viên
"Absolutely a work of art. I really love my Galaxy s 9 phone case it is beautiful Thank you so much KoniaTree."
Kim Dung - Nhân Viên Ngân Hàng
"My girlfriend loves this type of art work especially on coffee tables and dining tables. Once I saw your advertisement I knew I had to get this for her and she was amazed by the case and presentation.Thank you for making a great case. "
Ngọc Sơn - Pharmacist
"Vừa mới xuất hiện thời gian không lâu nhưng món phụ kiện này thu hút con mắt của người yêu phụ kiện bởi sự tinh tế, một nét đẹp đầy cổ điển nhưng không kém phần sang trọng, lịch lãm." Xem thêm - Kênh Thông Tin Giới Trẻ
"I was shocked to see how amazing this looked in person. Such a work of art, I have been showing it off to everyone. The packaging was so cool as well. Thank you for making my day with this beautiful case I can carry everywhere."
An Dũng - Personal Trainer
"Wow, When I came across these cases I fell in love instantly! Choosing my case I was worried that it would be bulky but now that its here, I couldn't be happier. Its smooth, slim and subtle and absolutely beautiful! Can guarantee this won't be my last case from KoniaTree. Thank you so much! "
Nguyễn Nam - Nhân Viên KD Honda
"I love my new phone case from KoniaTree. Its a perfect fit and a Very Cool design. Thank you!!"
Nguyễn Đức Thắng - Kiến Trúc Sư